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Who are we?
Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda is a DDO guild on the Ghallanda server.

Our guild is a home that welcomes everyone and helps beginners. Skill level, years of playing, toon strength, level, intended content to play, group play or solo, flower sniffing or zerg... none of that matters. We are a community of players of all styles from many different places, who share a common goal the betterment of the health of the DDO community.

Our rules are as follows:

1) Be Respectful. (No Trolling/Harrassment)
2) No Politics, Religion, or battle of the sexes discussions in guild chat.
3) Help others when you can. (Especially Noobs)
4) Log in to the website once a month. (reply to forums or use shout out box, doesn't matter. ESPECIALLY OFFICERS.)

We hold these rules for guildies and non-guildies alike. Respect is placed first due to the rare few who find trolling others and ruining other people fun to be entertaining, and such will not be tolerated.

Recruitment: We have a RESTRICTED recruitment policy. Once you have read over our guild guidelines, if you would like to join our guild simply send an in-game mail message to Ghouldrool. Introduce yourself and tell him a bit about yourself. We do not want bank toons taking up player slots but you are welcome to have a few alts join. You will receive an invitation via in-game mail and be placed on a PROSPECT list. A prospect is expected to greet guildies in chat when you log in and be visible in chat so we can get to know your name. Once we feel you are a good fit with our community you will be taken off the prospect list and be considered a full member.
Any officer may recruit close friends, family and alts but if you do please send an in-game mail to Ghouldrool about who you recruited. This will help us understand our membership better and assist in planning events that are enjoyed by many.

UPDATE: Because we are trying to increase our Raid running, the Raid Officer may recruit those who are deemed a good fit and will participate in our Raid nights when possible. A courtesy note to the Guild Leader is appreciated.

We also understand that real life happens, and it always takes priority over the game. However, we are a very large and active guild, and as such any member who has not logged in for 6 months* may lose their membership to make room for those who are active and wish to join our ranks. When you come back to the game you can always re-acquire your positions as all you have to do become a member is ask so long as you were not booted out due to breaking our rules.

Officers of the guild have the following responsibilities:[u]

  • Exemplify the above rules.
  • Maintain the buffs in the Cargo Hold of our ship.
  • Interacting in guild chat. (Greetings, Helping those with questions, and welcoming new members.)
  • Plan/run guild events, i.e. raids, reaper parties.
  • Stay informed with guild information via Guild Website by logging in twice a month. (Helps me send mass communication as well as encourage officers to communicate via forums, adding screenshots to the image slide show ect.)

Officers who do not log in for 1 month may be demoted to regular members.

* = Subject to change based on the requirements of the guild as a whole.

LWoG Officers

Captain - Ghouldrool Black Tongue

First Officer - Vryxnr

Raid Officer - Thibbledworf.....Raid Support Officers: Thor, Drielle, Fiorenza, Grrr-1, Sheikra

Ships Buffs Officer - Sarrenity......Ships Buffs Support Officers: All Officers

Questing Officer - Grrr-1......Questing Support Officers: Crystally, Ychangecain

Recruiting Officer - Ghouldrool...... Recruiting Support Officers: Vacant

Website Admin - Nofaec......Website Support Officer: Ghouldrool

Austrailian Ambassador - Striding "Oy Oy OY, Pass Me the Vegemite, Bruce"
Canadian Ambassador - Ogdoz

For definitions of officer roles please view the Officer Roles topic in the Forums.

Ambassador Officers: The Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda have players from many countries. We would like to have Ambassador Officers to represent and celebrate this diversity. Ambassadors will be listed on the web site and will represent players in their region. It is our hope that we can promote more activity during all time zones.
  Thibbledworf: Are we still going to have Raid Night's twice a week or is that on hold now that Hardcore has launched again ?
  Thibbledworf: Letting all Guild mates know I am on disability do to sleep issues and I have all 3 my Narcalepsy kicked in last night on Guild Raid Night I am truly sorryt
  Thibbledworf: If their is a raid you want or need to run. Besides the raids scheduled please send me a tell in game or you can in game email Thibbledworf
  Thibbledworf: Please sign up if you are planning on attending the Guild Raid Night's
  Thorekhan: I may be late for raids tonight by 20-30 mins
  Valthorn: is there a post for the info on new officers somewhere?
  anvilbanejr: what up
  Searious: Getting some new officers eh? do tell
  Vryxnr: I find long term goals helps. As does helping others with their goals. But yeah, being able to die again is quite the shock for the first while back.
  Searious: I hit 5k and got the horse, logged to ghallanda and didn't feel excited. How to go back to live after the challenge of HC?
  Vryxnr: but yes. rogue for evasion and trapping, barb for blood tribute, rest warlock for aura temp hp and dps even if lag hits
  Searious: All content is currently free to play -
  Vryxnr: lol I hear ya man. Work has been insanely busy. No time for anything. Have had like no progress at all the last almost 2 weeks now XD
  Searious: I went 2BRB 18WLK and believe me the oshizz button has been a literal lifesaver :D - ps Vryx you need to log on so we can do 6s and 7s
  Vryxnr: not ... enough ... characters ... to reply ... here ... gar!
  Searious: Ok lemme guess, you took 2BRB for the blood tribute and 2ROG for the evasion and trapping. Hows it working? What's everyone building for hardcore?
  Vryxnr: Sure thing! I'll be bouncing between hardcore and softcore, depending on my work schedule as well. HCL character this season is vryxnr.
  Searious: Vryx let's link up on hardcore
  Valthorn: Regular Guild Raids have returned! Going to start off by learning the Sharn raids.
  Striding: hey all! Striding here, will just be away for a few days due to internet company SUCKAGE, but you will be in my dreams <3 rock on you crazy nerds <3
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