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Manakeep 728x90


Date: Nov 04, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Category: No Category
Hide and seek, like we all grew up playing. There are prizes to be had, for the first person to find My wee Takti.

Rules: (honor system here)
1) Turn off character names (V on default key settings)
2) First person to find the hider wins the round and that round's prize. There will be no substitutions, however feel free to trade amongst yourselves.
3) Prizes are to be deposited into Guild storage, if unwanted, for someone else to use.
4) Ship buffs only for both Hider and Seekers.
5) Each round starts on the Guild Airship. Hider takes a 2 minute head start. There will be no hiding places that an average level 1 character could not reach until the last round. The final round is a 1 minute head start, with no limitations on the Hider's hiding spot.
6) Initially planning for 5 rounds. If turnout and enthusiasm are good, we may do more.

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I have to postpone this event due to short notice company. I'm not going to be available at the appropriate time. I am terribly sorry for anyone who was looking forward to this.

New date time to be determined and posted.
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