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Manakeep 728x90

Legendary Hound of Xoriat

Date: Jan 16, 2019
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: Vryxnr
Category: Raids
Start time is an approximation as we're doing Legendary Tempest Spine first.

Difficulty to be determined by the group.

I do not want to PUG this. I want this to be a LWoG guild raid.
Tank (1)

1. Vryxnr Paladin

Damage (2)

4. Knerple the Purple Artificer

5. Judge Terror Ranger

Support (3)

2. Searious Artificer

3. Amageous Cleric

M. Crystalyn Waters Artificer



Just depends how late it gets, it will be pushing my bed time. And its a maybe for my plus 1.
Hopefully Tempest Spine will be quick and painless. This one can be quite short if we have a good charmer. Speaking of which, does anyone have a charmer, or are willing to modify themselves to become one? I'm a solid intimi-tank and can play with Xy'zzy no problem on elite.

There are a few things we can do to buff the pups. A bard spellsinger/warchanter can use Bardic Inspiration to grant up to +9 to hit, +11 to damage, +4 to ac, dodge, saves, +12 universal spell power, Freedom of Movement, Greater Heroism, Fast Healing, Spell Point regen, +30 temp hp for 60 seconds, +1 caster level and spell DCs, -10% spell point cost, and an extra +3 damage vis sharp note/fascinate. The pups can also be buffed by spells (hate) and magister sigils (of warding for +3 ac and +15 prr).

The perfect charmer though (the one who will take the stones and use them on the pups) would be at least a warlock 7 druid 11 (warlock 7 to be able to cast haste, only needs warlock 5 otherwise) - (druid 11 to gain access to all the druid pet buff spells: Harrowing Pack, Pack Aptitude, and Tenacious Pack). The 5 warlock is for the pet buffs in the ES tree. With 31 points in ES, you can grant the pups +100% fortification, +20 prr, +20 mrr, +30 melee power, +30 ranged power, +30 universal spell power, +10% dodge, + 25% concealment (lesser displacement). With 8 points in Harper Agent, you grant an extra +4 to all stats. After that: Augment summoning for another +4 to all stats plus increased health and +50% fortification; Improved Augment Summoning for another +8 to all stats plus an extra +100 hp and +10% more dodge; Magister Grand Summoner for another +4 to all stats as well as +50% fortification, even more health and +40% to movement speed; Druid Past Lives for another +2 to all stats per past live (up to +6 stats at 3 PLs); Scion of Elysium feat for +25 prr and mrr, +20 melee, ranged and spell power, another +100% fortification, and a 5% chance to ignore all damage; Twist in Primal Avatar's Natural Shielding and The Oncoming Storm for another +100 HP, +30 more prr, evasion, and a 1% chance per attack to cause knockdown, 20d20 sonic damage and 20d20 electric damage (examine window on pups state 50d20 of each. not sure which is correct); and finally, every epic level provides an additional +5 Melee and Ranged Power, +10 Universal Spell Power, +5 PRR and +5 MRR.

It is rare for one character to have all of that unless they were made specifically for running LHoX, but anyone with even a few of those buffs will make it go by much faster/easier.
Can't make it on wens. That's idpa/uspsa night.
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