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[Pinned] Officer Re-organization

You have done a great job thus far officers. There has been a few issues but all in all things have worked out rather well considering. However now I need to focus on our site and guild connectivity. That being the case I felt it time to Iron o...
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[Pinned] List your Alts
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[Pinned] List your Alts

LWoG members please list your dedicated alts when you get the chance. Especially officers who did not list them in officer thinning post. Those that have already listed them dont worry about it. It need not be listed in special way can just typ...
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Zombie Apocalypse 2018

[Pinned] Zombie Apocalypse

Heres a video of the excitement
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[Pinned] Step by step
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[Pinned] Step by step

Hi guildies, as we have begun to pick up raiding on a semi normal basis it is time to address some of the other pressing issues I have been setting aside in order to ensure we re-build a solid foundation running/hosting events. As our activity ha...
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[Pinned] Raid Alts
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[Pinned] Raid Alts

Hey guildies as most have known we have been focusing as a guild on leveling at least one alt into the epics for raiding. Those who have created and/or leveled an alt for raiding please respond to this post with your alternate toons name as well ...
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[Pinned] Initial Static Party

Hey all, as most, or hopefully all know, we will be focusing on increasing activity with in the guild. The first step towards that will be increasing activity with in the guild site as that is the easiest way to communicate with all as everyone wo...
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[Pinned] 2017 Goals Audit and Direction Into the New Year!!

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying all the new content DDO has been throwing our way. In 2017 our goals were to reach the lvl of 200 as a guild, increase our activity within guild chat, and increase our prestige. We have reached 60-70% of t...
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[Pinned] Officer Thinning
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[Pinned] Officer Thinning

I'll start out first with saying this first wave of officer demotions were conducted with one thing in mind, clear the newer and/or less active officers. (active in chat and/or log-ins) Due to previous problems and drama it has become painfully e...
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Killing Time

I have heard from a few people in the guild that play around the time I normally do expressing interest in a few of the items from this raid. This raid takes a bit more setup and teamwork than some of the other raids currently being run by Pugs a...
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Legendary Shroud Alternate Portal Order

So as some of you know, I often solo and multibox raids, and Legendary Shroud is no exception. However, in order to do that, I have come up with some alternative strategies for some sections. In this thread, I will be going over Phase 1, the Porta...
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The Vryxnr build

So just thinking about the Vryxnr build - looks to be a 15PAL, 4FTR, 1WIZ.So the 1WIZ is for the improved mage armor and +10% AC, combine that with combat expertise for another +10%.At least 4PAL is necessary to grab the tier 4 armor bonus in the ...
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FYI, and I don't know if you guys want to kept appraised of, but I (Ryssy, Ryssan, Kynra) haven't been able to be around for what, a week? Maybe more. Yeah, I think more. Mother in law fell down the stairs, broke a couple of ribs. She didn't want ...
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The Seariously dagger bard build

Ok Nym and I have spent a lot of time talking about this. In the beginning, it was bard fighter dwarven axe swashy. Many deviations of this on the DDO forums ranging from dual dwarven axe to greataxe THF types. Mostly with enough bard for swash...
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Legendary Hound of Xoriat Walkthrough

Legendary Hound of Xoriat(walkthrough)A strong intimi-tank (chew toy) and a Charmer are highly recommended. A Buff Buddy and a backup healer are icing on the cake.This raid does not require any flagging, and is accessed via Niara Tonant in the Ma...
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Free to Play Quest list

Ryss was asking about a list of the free quests - this is the one that I had bookmarked. Looks to still be accurate. I like that it's sortable.
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Curse of Strahd Walkthrough

The Curse of Strahd(walkthrough)A strong Tank and a Trapper help tremendously in this raid. On Normal there is no death timer. On Hard+ there is a 90 second death timer.Once you've completed all 12 Ravenloft quests (Into the Mists, Death House, F...
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Ranged Reaper Build GREAT for Racial Lives

So I've been running a few modified versions of this build now...and im sold! I don't follow it to the letter any more and Ive made modifications each time try something different. Its designed for Racial lives but ive been using it for my heroic ...
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Old Baba's Hut

Eventually I'll be making more walthroughs, but for now I'm just going to share a little tidbit to make the first and second outside fights a wee bit easier.There is a spot in the field where you can get the hut stuck so that it will not be able t...
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General Discussion

Which Ring?

The character is McDirken, a Druid Tank Build. This is important when considering the choices.Choice One: Two: for...
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Calendar Raid Images

It's not mandatory, but I created and made an album of images to use for various raid events, in order to make the events calendar more visually pleasing and the events/raids easier to identify.
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