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#13580841 Dec 24, 2017 at 09:05 PM
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Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying all the new content DDO has been throwing our way. In 2017 our goals were to reach the lvl of 200 as a guild, increase our activity within guild chat, and increase our prestige. We have reached 60-70% of those goals at best, as such we will lead off with the goals that we didn't fully accomplish in 2018. The goal which will be our major focus in 2018 will be increasing interaction within the guild i.e raiding, static leveling, ect. Our minor focus will be to continue to improve our prestige.

That being the case, The first strategy I plan on implementing is to have our guildies to begin leveling an alternate toon for raiding (if they havnt begun doing so already). Some already have viable alts in which case just level them, flag them for as many raids as possible, and help others get there toons in epics. Others who will want/need help leveling alts, there will be static group/s which will be starting in 2018 to aid those who want/need the help. I myself and others which I call to help with this, will be starting static leveling parties (basically setting aside and planning 3 times a week for static party members to use iconic alts to level.) These parties will happen twice a week, with the additional day being a day decided as a make up to catch up any party members who could not make it. And will run 1 chain that day with said alts unless the group decides to do more. I will set a post for more detailed info about this process before NewYears however if you have any questions feel free to voice them via site or in-game.

The second strategy, will be requiring guildies to post in guild chat in a specific format (quest chain,levels invited, types of toons ect.) before setting a lfm. Giving guildies priority before setting up a PUG (Pick up group) with lfm. Again will be setting a post as for the format to make it easy and uniform across the board.

Though our prestige has increased a bit, we have far to go and we will not forget where we come from so I want to reiterate a few things:

---Only officers designated as recruiters should be recruiting at any given time unless its a family member or a friend. ( for those who need alts in the guild they need to ask in guild chat, tell or mail from a toon ALREADY in the guild.)

---We will be accepting noobs in the coming months as we do every year so make sure to help and not hamper their growth (we will always be a guild that helps out noobs as new players helps stabilize the growth of DDO. (As we all love new content, lets not keep new people away DDO needs customers to increase content that we all love.)

---And Use the website whenever possible as we need to increase connectivity with in our guild when planning for groupings for raids, and new content that we want to stream ect. We have to really commit to this as it will help us increase our prestige by allowing us to have our own events/parties for raids ect. After all its not really hard to bookmark the website in the book mark bar and log in takes a minute at best.

By Late Feb, Early March I want everyone to have at least 1 alt for raiding to run epic raids unless you plan to keep your main in epics. Doesn't take much, a chain here and there on an Iconic is all im asking for between now till we pick up raiding as a guild. And that doesnt mean we will stop with the raiding we currently do, we are just going to be making things more uniform allowing us to interact more as a guild. You don't have to abandon your main to to level to 20 with an iconic and flag for raids. By march I plan to begin having weekly runs of certain raids like Leg shroud, DoJ, HoX, Temp, ect. that people maybe overwhelmed or fearful to ask help with, and others once a month like newer and less run raids will figure rotations as I begin scheduling when the time draws near.
Nofaec Uchiha
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