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#13824318 Jul 28, 2018 at 02:43 PM
Guild Leader
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Hi guildies, as we have begun to pick up raiding on a semi normal basis it is time to address some of the other pressing issues I have been setting aside in order to ensure we re-build a solid foundation running/hosting events. As our activity has increased, so has our visibility in the DDO community/forums. That being the case I will address a few issues that we must deal with to ensure we move forward without being hindered.

1st - Is our unity, though we all discuss things in guild chat we tend to forget to mention in chat before starting pick up groups (PUGs). I do it as well sometimes forget to mention in chat what I'm running before opening LFM. So to remedy this problem we will begin to state in guild chat (Chain or quest/lvl range/difficulty) you don't have to put anything else in guild chat if you don't want to but just reach out to the guild before setting a LFM.

2nd - is our coordination when running events such as raids, flagging groups, reaper parties, or just running new content. I want people to start setting raids that they want to run in calendar on website homepage (even if you don't want to lead it, that will allow others to see what you want to do that day.) If you don't know how to use calendar just ask and I will walk you through it.

3rd - Checking out Discord, those who want to use it anyway won't be required to use but will be exploring it moving forward.

As you can see both of these issues are related, guildies helping/running with other guildies and interacting through our website. Another thing I would like to see more guildies do is link our guild site at end or somewhere in character bio.

As we address these issues I will be addressing concerns dealing with officers moving forward. May ask some to step up as members and become officers to help out, also may remove officers who don't want the responsibilities. We are over half way through the year and we have done quite a bit to improve the guild so lets not stop here and keep it moving...step by step.

Cya in-game guildies.
Nofaec Uchiha
#13826231 Jul 31, 2018 at 10:24 AM
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That sounds great. I always post what im running,ask if anyone needs flag for raids, I rarely if ever get a reply,to me thats the biggest problem,a simple no or maybe later,just some acknowledgment would be awesome, but when theres 20 guildies on,5 are in quests the others on ship or market or just somewhere not in a quest,and not 1 reply. I am raid ready on every raid, still wanting to get our guild raid ready for any raid, some old ones dont have great loot,but who cares like we dont already have that,its the time spent with others in our guild,our community, just be a part of the guild not just here for the pink letters under your name and the ship buffs.

Thank you
#13827004 Aug 01, 2018 at 10:05 AM
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I am actively working on completing racial reincarnations on my main toon, however, I have two alts in the guild that are raid-ready, Trinnitie, lvl 30 rogue and Mysttee, lvl 27 cleric.
#13829781 Aug 04, 2018 at 08:59 PM
LWoG Vets
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I have a couple of epic characters. They are all raid ready, but not all on the same raids. So I need to know what raid so I can get the right character.

#13830285 Aug 05, 2018 at 01:54 PM
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I'm the strong silent type so I'm always creeping in the shadows. As long as im mostly awake and not playing with 1 eye open i usually watch chat but don't chime in.

I play with a couple friends who arent in the guild so if we had a more structured schedule so that i could say "hey I'm busy for an hour, ill catch up with you guys later that would help".

My arti is my capped toon and slightly dysfunctional now that i have put so many lives into my main (finally taking the plunge and going completionist) so its hard for me to jump in when i know I'm pretty much going to be the wart on the toads back and not very helpful!! :D
#13837439 Aug 15, 2018 at 05:52 PM
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I personally cannot stress enough the importance of coordination via the website calendar.

It lets people know ahead of time what and when, which lets them plan their play time appropriately, both when to expect a guild event and what the event is (do I need to flag for it a few days early or not?) and which character to use.

It also promotes a more active and unified community within the guild. Instead of the random collection of who happens to be online and free, it gives everyone a chance to be informed and join.

It also helps us with recruiting new blood and renown throughout the server. Lots of people not in our guild visit this website, both out of curiosity and from recommendation... and seeing an empty calendar is disheartening, especially if they are told to check the website for events. Then they feel like they've been lied to, and that our activity is actually dead. That is incredibly damaging. Whereas seeing a calendar with many upcoming events instills a sense of community, activity, and leadership that is inspiring, even if they came here for other reasons.


As for being raid ready, Vryxnr is an intimi-tank, and will be staying at cap for the foreseeable future. He is currently flagged for everything except for the Ascension Chamber (heroic abbot) and the Tower of Despair. I will be flagging those soon-ish (I hope) but my play time is limited, so we shall see.
#13843072 Aug 23, 2018 at 06:53 PM
LWoG Vets
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I'm looking forward to the raids this weekend. My level 30 Pally should be flagged for Strahd, I'll check. And I've done Baba on her before.

I also want to do the MoD raid for Fiorenza. I really want the runearm that's in it.

Lets get that going please.
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