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Which ring do you think would be better?

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#13957405 Feb 02, 2019 at 07:31 PM
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The character is McDirken, a Druid Tank Build. This is important when considering the choices.

Choice One:

Choice Two:

Reasons for Band of Insightful Commands:
1. Profane Bonus to all abilities. This would boost my WIS, CON, and CHA scores even more.
2. Does anyone know if the Profane bonus boosts skill as well? (this would increase intimidate to +25 through the extra 2 CHA and profane +2 if that is the case)
3. Non-Raid Item
Reasons for not picking Band of insightful Commands
1. The quest is long, and painful. Not the greatest loot farm, extremely low drop rate for the rares IMO.

Reasons for Circle of Malevolence:
1. Intimidate +25, biggest boost to Intimidate so far
2. Insightful Sheltering 23, non of my other desire equip has Insightful PRR or MRR. That would be a big boost as well.
3. Resistance +14 (could be easily taken on my slave lords trinket I am crafting, but would free up a slot for a different boost)

Reasons for Not Picking Circle of Malevolence:
1. Raid Item, from a raid that I never see anyone run.
2. Vitality bonus is a wash, I have another piece of gear with a higher bonus than Circle of Malevolence.
3. The incite boost isn't as helpful as McDirken is a caster Tank build, not a lot of attacking with a weapon

Any input or advice would be great. Trying to pick out the last piece of my gear set I am building towards. Using a Legendary Spinneret as my other RING, in case that thought comes up.
#13958927 Feb 05, 2019 at 04:41 AM · Edited 7 months ago
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My first thought is both. Even if one is a situational swap in. However, getting the non-raid item first then farming for the raid item is the general order of operations.

If you do not have profane well rounded elsewhere I'd give the prize to the Band. Sure, it will only improve your charisma based skills by 1 (due to increasing your charisma by 2), thus the intimidate bonus from this ring is effectively +23. However, this will also raise your con by 1, all your saves by 1, all your other skills by 1, etc.

However, if you're not yet at very high intimidate numbers, then the extra 3 points of intimidate from the Circle will make a difference. Plus it can come with 2 augment slots (with some upgrading). And it can be used at level 26 (instead of the bands ml of 28).

In the end, I feel it's not so much "which one is better", but "which one fits with my current gear better". If you plan on doing lots more epic reincarnations while maintaining your power while leveling, the Circle takes the lead due to more levels of being usable, though I'd still eventually aim for both as different situations may require different effects. If this is for a final at cap build, I'd need more info about the rest of your gear to make a real declaration.

(for full disclosure: atm Vryxnr doesn't use either of those rings, but then again atm he only has 2 pieces of LGS Mat-Opp gear and is a completely different race and class/build of tank)
#13961825 Feb 09, 2019 at 02:42 PM
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This will be my Intimidate boosting piece of gear. Because I need the extra +intimidate
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