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Ranged Reaper Build GREAT for Racial Lives

So I've been running a few modified versions of this build now...and im sold! I don't follow it to the letter any more and Ive made modifications each time try something different. Its designed for Racial lives but ive been using it for my heroic ...
Small Crystalyn Waters 268d
Crystalyn Waters7701Small Searious 250d

Human Stick Fighter

mycoder (insert cool class split name here)Level 28 Lawful Good Human Female (6 Paladin / 4 Rogue / 10 Sorcerer / 8 Epic) Hit Points: 300 Spell Points: 1589 BAB: 14/14/19/24 Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 17 Will: 12 Starting Feat/Enhance...
Small Mycoder 4y
Mycoder0417Small Mycoder 4y
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