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The Diary of Kashawn Fo'Durn

by Mycoder on Jun 26, 2018 at 01:34 AM}
I am Kashawn Fo'Durn and this is my diary. If you find this then please return it to me. If I am dead or you can't return it for some other reason then feel free to read it to learn my story.

My name is Kashawn Fo'Durn. I am the son of Marie Fo'Durn and Aureon, The Host god of knowledge and order. An oracle told my mother after my birth that I would be a great champion of Aureon and that I would rid the world of many grave threats. I've spent my whole life to date trying to get away from those words and my father. I hate churches and want nothing to do with priests and clerics and the clergy. I've done everything I can to shake my father's shadow from me. I've lied, cheat, stole and many other deplorable deeds. This is my story.

Janara 26, 1002 YK
My mother died today. Disease. The priests couldn't do anything for her. She trusted them to take care of us but they never cared about her, not really, all their attention was on me, the champion of Aureon. All they needed to do was recall one of the High Clerics and she would still be here. I'm leaving tonight, sneaking out. There's nothing left for me here. I heard talk of an airship heading to someplace called Korthos island in a couple days. I think I'll stowaway of that and forget this place altogether.

Janara 29, 1002 YK
Today has been a day. A lot has happened. The airship I had snuck aboard, the Heart of the Wind, was attacked by a white dragon. I was knocked out in the crash and awoke to a Halfling trying to take my coat. According to him, I am the sole survivor of the attack and following crash then he explained that he and his party could get me safely to Korthos Village if I first assisted them in ridding the world of an evil Sahuagin priestess. I heartily agreed and found a stout long stick to defend myself with. In the cave, the Halfling, Jeets, taught me how to disable traps and bypass locks. After defeating the Sahuagin the cleric of their party bestowed me a quarterstaff that will grow in power as I do. I have no idea what that means also in the priestess's treasure we found a mask that imbues the wearer's weapons with shadowy energy which they allowed me to have. I am now safely in the tavern of Korthos Village and the pain of losing Mom has come back. I may continue this adventuring thing to help me forget, and the Host knows this village could use some help.


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