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Manakeep 728x90


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Online: 9 hours ago
Joined: Sep 25, 2018
Nick Name: Og
Country: Canada
State/Province: BC
City: Kelowna
My name is Ogdoz. I've always dated Elves in the past and now I'm looking to try something new! Maybe even a Half Orc. I enjoy killing trolls the most so if your into that also we may just hit it off. I have a great job as a part time bartender in korthos. Someday soon I hope to be assistant manager.

Turn offs: Elves, non-violence, dwarves who like elves, gandalf, agile bracers of repairing, and long walks on the beach

Turn ons: I'll take what i can get

PS. If your interested in a date please bring 50 cp as I need to pay for the wagon trip home after.