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(Aug 27, 2020)
is there a post for the info on new officers somewhere?
(Aug 06, 2020)
what up
(Aug 05, 2020)
Getting some new officers eh? do tell
(Apr 25, 2020)
I find long term goals helps. As does helping others with their goals. But yeah, being able to die again is quite the shock for the first while back.
(Apr 15, 2020)
I hit 5k and got the horse, logged to ghallanda and didn't feel excited. How to go back to live after the challenge of HC?
(Mar 21, 2020)
but yes. rogue for evasion and trapping, barb for blood tribute, rest warlock for aura temp hp and dps even if lag hits
(Mar 19, 2020)
All content is currently free to play -
(Mar 11, 2020)
lol I hear ya man. Work has been insanely busy. No time for anything. Have had like no progress at all the last almost 2 weeks now XD
(Mar 11, 2020)
I went 2BRB 18WLK and believe me the oshizz button has been a literal lifesaver :D - ps Vryx you need to log on so we can do 6s and 7s
(Mar 06, 2020)
not ... enough ... characters ... to reply ... here ... gar!
(Mar 06, 2020)
Ok lemme guess, you took 2BRB for the blood tribute and 2ROG for the evasion and trapping. Hows it working? What's everyone building for hardcore?
(Mar 01, 2020)
Sure thing! I'll be bouncing between hardcore and softcore, depending on my work schedule as well. HCL character this season is vryxnr.
(Feb 29, 2020)
Vryx let's link up on hardcore
(Feb 16, 2020)
Regular Guild Raids have returned! Going to start off by learning the Sharn raids.
(Feb 11, 2020)
hey all! Striding here, will just be away for a few days due to internet company SUCKAGE, but you will be in my dreams <3 rock on you crazy nerds <3
(Jan 26, 2020)
Gonna be doing a LOT of racial lives for the time being, so I will be unable to play raid tank at cap for the foreseeable future.
(Dec 23, 2019)
Hey guildies - I need tokens! I can do a LOD run in 5-7 mins but need token pullers so please come, get xp, loot chests and pass tokens :D
(Nov 26, 2019)
haha, somewhat yes. It's universal, so there are a number of different class combos that work with it that are not your standard ranged classes. FvS Inquis is good, Multi Pally for tankiness, or go Ragner-Arti, or pure rogue, etc..
(Nov 26, 2019)
I been logging in here and there, seems the sharn inquisitor has taken over the ranged meta.
(Oct 14, 2019)
HA HA HA!!!!!