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Manakeep 728x90
(Oct 14, 2019)
HA HA HA!!!!!
(Oct 13, 2019)
I don't miss Vryxnr he's a big dumb jerk who makes fun of my cape, well not everyone can afford a full cloak!!!
(Oct 06, 2019)
Vryxnr we miss you! You need to hurry back. :) I've nibbled at the hardcore bug a bit, up to lvl 10...but fall is always crazy with work travel so my gaming time is minimal. Dont think ill hit 20 there *shrugs*
(Sep 25, 2019)
With what little game time I do have atm, I've been trying to get the cosmetics from the hardcore server, so there's that too.
(Sep 25, 2019)
Sorry I've been absent of late. In the middle of a move, while also working like crazy lol. At least now I'm closer to my work, so yay for that, but yeah.
(Aug 20, 2019)
I like the hardcore idea, but wish it was associated with a char at creation. noted through the character name or something so everyone knows you're permadeath, if you can stick with it can get cosmetics or goodies that only permadeath chars can use
(Aug 19, 2019)
Another note, there were already groups playing permadeath, and running naked, and running challenges, and role playing, and running events, and playing capture the flag, and, and.
(Aug 19, 2019)
Hardcore Comments: I typed and retyped my comments, bottom line, I dont think this helps the game but instead dilutes the already lower populated existing servers. Remember when there was always two or three instances of the Harbor?
(Aug 18, 2019)
Haven't run WK since the update, but yeah. Hardcore is different and (for me) lots of fun. Don't get attached to your character though, as even the most methodical and careful person can be caught off guard!
(Aug 17, 2019)
Did anyone take the hardcore mode challenge? Thoughts sofar?
(Aug 13, 2019)
Sounds like the WK optionals got hit big time... any confirmation?
(Aug 13, 2019)
I'm down till they fix the Mac client.... Should be tomorrow Wednesday Aug 14th. Anyone else use the Beta Wine or native Mac client launcher? Am I the only Macbook user?
(Aug 03, 2019)
Ah the good old WK wheel :D
(Jul 16, 2019)
Just so everyone knows: I've started on the Epic Reincarnation wheel once more. Hoping to get as many EPLs done as I can this summer. Lots of WK run, but not as many raids as usual for me while doing this. :)
(Jun 13, 2019)
Normal - Reaper whatever anyone is comfortable with
(Jun 13, 2019)
It’s worth the cost^^ very good gear and if you ever see me on Tegghiaio would be happy to run it with you
(Jun 07, 2019)
Thank you all who have been sending JudgeTerror and Ghouldrool the pointing hands. They will be very handy for guild runs (see what I did there?).
(May 24, 2019)
i bought just so i could run something diffrent
(May 14, 2019)
It's Sharn-time
(Apr 12, 2019)
Any more news on the Sharn is it worth the cost ?