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(Feb 07, 2019)
Hey Crystal I see you grinding out low level stuff. Tonight we should group up and do house K stuff or redwillow.
(Feb 01, 2019)
I see ghouldrool joined the fellowship page - are we linking up with them?
(Jan 24, 2019)
Please take the time to answer the survey about weekly raiding. I know that thinking about time zones other than your own can blow some people's minds, but we have players from all over the world...
(Jan 24, 2019)
...and taking the time to answer will help tremendously with organizing events in a way that will allow more of us to participate. Thanks. :)
(Jan 22, 2019)
FYI I've gotten the LOD cultist token run down to about 4.5 minutes. Skipping the altars of course, and being tough enough to just jump down through the traps keeps the time low. Can go with anyone who wants to try it out.
(Jan 18, 2019)
I'd like to teach the Bargain of Blood token runs - mainly cause I need tokens lol. If there's interest let's do a few. Fastest token run out there, under 5 mins per run.
(Jan 12, 2019)
Posted a bunch of raids for the rest of this month (basically the days I have off work, as I normally work evenings). SIgn up to ensure your spot! Hoping to do pure LWoG runs of them all (not pugged). :)
(Dec 28, 2018)
If anyone's building a new artificer msg me in game - I have a lot of ART scrolls and can hook you up with a couple repeaters or great xbows to get started with
(Dec 28, 2018)
It's Beer wait that was last night........i'll get back to you
(Dec 28, 2018)
Awesome news! we'll be on :D
(Dec 28, 2018)
finally im free...well relatively speaking still have to come back for stitches but still yea!!! cya soon guys
(Dec 24, 2018)
Happy holidays guys seems I will still be in hospital for Xmas to finish healing...this sux!!!
(Dec 15, 2018)
attempt for Tempest Spine Raid complete fail on account of said issue, no-one can see the guild chat, i updated the LFM to help address the issue
(Dec 15, 2018)
also, did a check in guild to see how many people have Guild as incoming text type, 1 out of 16 online players did, 2 others had it in a separate window - thats a big issue, we can't support the guild if we cant see what anyone is saying/typing...
(Dec 15, 2018)
ok, so 2nd attempt at Shroud was a fail, only got one guildie (Pomee) and anyone else joining just came and went during the flagging quests :/
(Nov 25, 2018)
Going to be stupid busy the next month, so you'll likely not see me much for a bit.
(Nov 24, 2018)
The “playa’s” were Week 1: (party 1) Alloora, Kharnage, Teggles, Mycodey, Dravfiend (party 2) Radzax, Ferrir, Kyloor, Projektomega, Dmittrii, Ahalguztidun
(Nov 24, 2018)
Thanks to everyone for helping, particularly me who is awesome, and Radzax who took the initiative to start a 2nd party and we all met up at shroud!
(Nov 24, 2018)
Really glad to say that guild Shroud run #1 was a total success, even though I got talked into doing r1 – was a bit dicey at stages, but we pulled through!