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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 15, 2018)
also, did a check in guild to see how many people have Guild as incoming text type, 1 out of 16 online players did, 2 others had it in a separate window - thats a big issue, we can't support the guild if we cant see what anyone is saying/typing...
(Dec 15, 2018)
ok, so 2nd attempt at Shroud was a fail, only got one guildie (Pomee) and anyone else joining just came and went during the flagging quests :/
(Nov 25, 2018)
Going to be stupid busy the next month, so you'll likely not see me much for a bit.
(Nov 24, 2018)
The “playa’s” were Week 1: (party 1) Alloora, Kharnage, Teggles, Mycodey, Dravfiend (party 2) Radzax, Ferrir, Kyloor, Projektomega, Dmittrii, Ahalguztidun
(Nov 24, 2018)
Thanks to everyone for helping, particularly me who is awesome, and Radzax who took the initiative to start a 2nd party and we all met up at shroud!
(Nov 24, 2018)
Really glad to say that guild Shroud run #1 was a total success, even though I got talked into doing r1 – was a bit dicey at stages, but we pulled through!
(Nov 12, 2018)
not me (Hides tools)
(Nov 07, 2018)
ok which one of your jokers broke the game... ;)
(Nov 06, 2018)
FYI - If you create an elf the dragonmark feat won't be available. Something to do with when they created sun elves it broke the dragonmark. They are supposedly going to be fixing it but it's been broken for about a month...
(Oct 30, 2018)
EE VoN 5/6 Tonight at 6PM CST. Lvl 20-30 welcome. Please make sure you're flagged beforehand.
(Oct 11, 2018)
Teaching run of The Curse of Strahd, Sunday the 21st. Sign up!
(Oct 04, 2018)
Anyone need a 15 lvl Cleric give me a shout.
(Oct 03, 2018)
regarding the upcoming raids Oct 4-8th: If anyone has a friend who wants to join us for the raids, or know someone interested in joining LWoG but want to group with us first, leave a comment in the specific event to reserve them a spot!
(Oct 03, 2018)
Drielle: there is a new subforum only visible to logged in members called 'About Us'. That is the place for player bios. :)
(Oct 02, 2018)
hey, wondering where to put short player bio
(Sep 29, 2018)
October 4-8th features LOTS of raids! Signup to ensure your spot!
(Sep 28, 2018)
Just saying hello, happy to help if I'm not already on something, just hit me up.. peace
(Sep 17, 2018)
hello its me omisuro
(Aug 10, 2018)
k no prob Tegg gl with everything. ttyl bud
(Aug 02, 2018)
hello everyone just hoping to get back to game soon. i miss it a lot work has me by the nads atm take care-Tegg