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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 28, 2018)
If you like taking screen shots save in in image slide show, so long as there isn't anything against our rules I will put it in slideshow.
(Jun 07, 2018)
Next raid day will be June 16 having pc problems right now so could do somthing if other raid officers host. Prob wont be able to log on till this weekend.
(May 17, 2018)
gonna post raid plans for June 2nd will run chrono probably just to get things moving in the right direction 5-6pm central time will make official forum post today or tomorrow
(May 05, 2018)
Reminder: set your time zone in your Shivtr Account settings. The events page automatically adjusts to your time zone, and shows your current time at the bottom left. Never miss an event from miscalculating time zones again! :)
(Apr 30, 2018)
Thx for getting us another spot in chronicle Vryxnr, great job
(Apr 23, 2018)
Try Discord out for yourself:
(Apr 23, 2018)
Poll for a discord sever is up. Discord is a voice and text server that can be downloaded to your computer and/or smartphone. In my experience it has allowed smoother communication and planning for guilds and such.
(Apr 16, 2018)
good to hear youre doing good. hope you stay that way
(Apr 16, 2018)
New poll up guys, take a look and cast your vote.
(Apr 03, 2018)
Welcome back Nofaec! :D
(Mar 28, 2018)
hey all i have finally been discharged...thats right im back!! :)
(Mar 18, 2018)
I second the idea of moving the shout box above the ever changing pictures. If possible. Thank you!
(Feb 25, 2018)
well not really sure whats been going on last couple days as I have been unable to login after patch/update still trying to figure out whats going on with my system as it is well beyond whats needed to run this software so bare with me
(Jan 25, 2018)
Officers are NOT to expel anyone from the guild, you speak with me or ghouldrool PERIOD!!
(Jan 25, 2018)
For all our new visitors while we are recruiting: contact Vryxnr, Ghouldrool, Romika, or Uppsy in game if you're interested in joining this guild. Happy gaming! :)
(Jan 24, 2018)
Full screen run on NVidea, Windowed mode may be using that crappy onboard Intel card. Or perhaps it is just some bug in DirectX and/or DDO..
(Jan 24, 2018)
I also have issues with DirectX, but it is worse than just killing client, often I get a BSOD. That only happens in DDO when client is in windowed mode, not full screen.
(Jan 24, 2018)
can this shoutbox be placed ABOVE the display of pictures? The picture display is constantly moving because all pictures are differently sized, most annoying.
(Jan 24, 2018)
My forum post on this site goes into details on how to properly install and access earlier versions, but the next time we're in game at the same time I'll talk to you about it. :)
(Jan 23, 2018)
Thx Vryxnr. All the research i've done says that directx12 which my system is running includes all previous versions, including 11 and there's no way to uninstall 12 and install 11.