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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 21, 2018)
Also: I'll not be on much the next week. Work + my recurring VIP status going away due to the ravenloft extra VIP time code removing my normal subscription. Also: advertizing on the ddoforums for guild recruitement Jan 21 - Feb 15th.
(Jan 21, 2018)
Amy+Tegg: I've only seen that happen with Directx12. You need to find and use DirectX11 to prevent that. I will make a forum post explaining how I fixed that issue when it happened to me and provide a link.
(Jan 19, 2018)
I'm also having the directx issue Tegghiaio. Boots me out of game. I've tried reinstalling directx, reinstalling DDO, minor restore of PC. Still nothing has worked. Gonna try a full system reset soon to try and fix it.
(Jan 17, 2018)
anyone have trouble alt-tab out of window when in game? it will kick me out if i do this
(Jan 14, 2018)
CST for a time zone seems like a good idea.
(Dec 24, 2017)
Happy Holidays All!!
(Dec 08, 2017)
Just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is doing well! Recent changes to my wife's health have pulled me away from DDO. Suffice to say, gaming has taken a nose dive. I'm hopeful if things are stable, I can resume playing. Take care!
(Dec 05, 2017)
they say mist will be tomorrow
(Dec 05, 2017)
(Nov 12, 2017)
good idea i normally use central standard, no reason other than i lived in that time zone growing up and became habit lol def a good idea
(Nov 11, 2017)
Ok, here is my shout. What do you think about picking a default time zone for events? That way we don't have to guess if it is not listed?
(Nov 09, 2017)
And please feel free to use the shout out box guys doesnt matter if its just something as simple as a greeting or somthing as important as telling me you will be gone so i can hold your position
(Nov 09, 2017)
Need officers to log in at least twice a month guys we need to increase site activity and to ease communication. Will also be pushing for members to increase site activity as well moving forward
(Sep 30, 2017)
Hulos little bro likes to troll and kick him from the guild so if he asks for invite he is cool :)
(Jun 13, 2017)
Congratulations everyone on achieving Guild Level 200! *applause* I'm proud of you all! :D
(Jan 05, 2017)
Having a medical issue so for a few days (and only a few I hope) I won't be around much. Will try to get in raid night this weekend but can't promise it. Sorry Nof!!!
(Jan 04, 2017)
no prob deathshade
(Dec 22, 2016)
I having some issues trying to log in it wont log in to the game after the update i even reinstalled the game so not sure when ill be on.
(Nov 24, 2016)
Nice job getting involved with raid runs guys!!!
(Nov 16, 2016)
use shout box for whatever you want especially offline comments to the guildies, not just for updates on inactivity which are fine as well